Luxury modern waterfront homes in Perth's south-west with large windows and terraces, surrounded by lush landscaping. The reflective water in the foreground adds to the serene ambiance. The sky is clear with a few scattered clouds, indicating a pleasant day in this boutique neighbourhood, crafted by a boutique home builder.

South West House + Land Package

New Horizons.

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Luxury waterfront home interior in Perth with large glass windows, ocean views, stylish fireplace, and elegant furnishings. Designed by exclusive residential architects.

Giorgi is now building in the South West region. 

We’re excited to be bringing our experience, prestige and unique perspective to the South West.

Whether you are a South West local, based in Perth or an overseas client, we deliver the same level of detail and care that we offer our clients in our Newcastle Street offices, backed by an established and reputable architectural building brand.

With both architects and builders collaborating seamlessly under one roof, this model has steered the construction of countless homes over the past three decades, establishing Giorgi as one of Australia’s most awarded architect builders. And we’ll continue to offer this same model and quality tradespeople to our South West builds.

Exclusive luxury home in the South West, designed by top luxury architects, featuring a modern two-storey structure with large windows, terraces, and lush landscaping by the water.

In an area known for its beaches, vineyards and relaxed lifestyle, finding inspiration for unique architectural designs will not pose a problem. We have a number of new projects coming up in the Port Geographe Marina with more on the horizon throughout the region.

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Canal Rocks in South West Perth, featuring rugged rock formations surrounded by the churning blue waters of the ocean under a partly cloudy sky.