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One of the reasons for Giorgi’s success is its design team, which embodies the business’s integration of architecture and construction.

With both disciplines under one roof, the design team can easily consult with the building side of Giorgi. This provides several advantages for our clients, as not only is the vision of the design upheld through construction, but it also allows the designers to find more efficiencies.

Our design team is led by architects Graham Hutton, Leisha Aberle and Logan Dongray, and interior designers Jill Owens and Shima Sharafzadeh, alongside Giorgi’s general manager, Brad Walpole. The tight-knit team’s success across an array of award-winning projects, including large-scale homes, apartments and retail spaces, is attributed to their collaborative approach and dedication to quality outcomes. Most recently, the team led the successful completion of Giorgi’s own office, which incorporated existing heritage buildings.

With a focus on communication between architects and construction professionals everyday, Giorgi’s design team can achieve superior outcomes for clients, with more confidence and faster timeframes.