878 Applecross Residence





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Positioned along the Swan River, this luxury architectural residence embodies principles of generational living, Feng Shui and harmonious integration with the surroundings. Upon arrival, a reflection pond introduces a symbolic connection between the dwelling and the Swan River, welcoming residents and guests to the foyer entry.

Layering of planes, volumes and materiality are thoughtfully considered to create interesting experiences as one traverses through the various spaces within. The pop-up roof to the main living spaces is one example of the volumetric play, which allows for the interaction between light and space, offering a dynamic ambience that evolves throughout the day.

Overlooking the river, an upper-level infinity-edge pool cantilevers to create a dramatic architectural feature whilst merging seamlessly with the river beyond. Natural finishes are featured throughout to craft a timeless aesthetic and to evoke further connections with the surrounding natural environment.