Giorgi Interior Design

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Giorgi believe in a complete and holistic turnkey service. From the initial design concept we guide every client through a comprehensive selection process. This covers everything from appliances and plumbing fixtures, through to material selections for bench-tops, cabinets, flooring etc.

Our in house interior designers will work with your particular style or colour palette to bring all these materials together in a way that flows with the overall aesthetic of your new home.

We then create comprehensive architect and building renders so you can see the interaction of all the products. This allows you to visualise everything together such as floor tiles, cabinets, cladding systems through to internal wall colours and cabinet material selections.

Quality Matters

In conjunction with some of Perth’s top luxury building suppliers such as Winning Appliances, Reece and Roger Seller, Bernini Stone and Tiles to name a few, we will ensure that your custom home expresses in every facet your individual personality and tastes.

All this is done whilst managing your overall budget and outcome prior to committing to a Building contract..

To truly experience unsurpassed Service and to find out why we are one of Perth top luxury home Architects and Builders, contact us on 9444 0206. Speak to one of our design consultants to find out more.

King Regards,
Danny Giorgi